DC is the accelerator of the transition of the Electrical System

We realise innovative smart DC systems worldwide for the electrical grid. Our focus is on safety, efficiency, controllability, savings on energy and raw material, in a smart DC grid.

DC Projects

We realise innovative smart DC systems for utility buildings, offices, public and commercial areas, on a infrastructural level of the DC smart grid. Currently, we are collaborating in several major projects that are significant innovations and solutions to sustainability and the energy transition. The following is an example of projects where our DC system is implemented or in development. 

Highway N470 with DC lighting on smart DC grid

Circl Pavilion of ABN AMRO Bank Amsterdam

Pulse Building of the Technical University of Delft

more dc projects

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Our mission is to make a DC infrastructure possible that is compatible worldwide. 

our Vision of A DC WOrld

Sustainable Development Goals

We believe that DC is the key element to accelerate the transition to electrical sustainable energy. A smart DC grid meets many of the following sustainable development goals.

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DC in the media


DC in the Media



We develope groundbreaking innovations on DC. To promote our hard work and to promote DC, we enter competitions with themes like Sustainability, Technology, and Renewable Energy.

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