Direct Current B.V. in the Spotlight at the Innovation Relay 2011

4 October 2011


Over 2000 visitors attended The Innovation Relay in the Van Nelle factory yesterday. It was a big success. Direct current stood in the spotlight! The post was manned by nine persons from Joulz, Kema, Innosys Delft, Direct Current BV, and the DC Foundation.

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Introduction Master Plan DC Haarlemmermeer DC=decent

18 September 2011


Direct Current BV engineered and constructed, in cooperation with the Direct Current Foundation (Stichting Gelijkspanning), the Master Plan DC Haarlemmermeer. This project has been submitted to the IPIN regulation of EL & I "Experimental Smart grids." Before and during the submission, the following parties have been conferred with: officials concerned of the local council of Haarlemmermeer, the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation, Siemens, the Storage Company Horticulture Netherlands, Direct Current BV, Joulz, and the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

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TEG lecture on Direct Current (DC) at Schiphol

21 June 2011


On June 21 2011, TEG, an innovative staffing platform for specialised companies, held lectures at Schiphol. Harry Stokman (CEO Direct Current B.V. and chairman and founder of DC Foundation) was invited to hold a lecture on direct current (DC). 

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Holtraf Lecture on DC by Harry Stokman

19 April 2011


TESLA vs. EDISON, or in technical jargon, alternating current (AC) vs. direct current (DC). Which form of electric current brings us further into the future? That is the central question on the AC versus DC theme day, which is organized by the association Holtraf (Dutch Transformers Manufacturers) on April 19, 2011 in Nieuwegein.

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Powertrain Electrical Mobility

1 November 2010


Direct Current B.V., Delft B.V. InnoSys, and TU Delft, invest, on their own title, in developing a new integrated drive system (drive train), sponsored by EL & I as a part of the HTAS Program by the Government.

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Project DC and Sustainability in the Greenhouse major innovation breakthrough

1 May 2010


Direct Current B.V. is developing HID growlights on DC for the pilot project with project partner DC Foundation (Stichting Gelijkspanning), with a DC microgrid in a greenhouse in Haarlemmermeer as testing area. The DC project is a major innovation and breakthrough on energy distribution and electrical grids. The pilot project "DC and Sustainability in the Greenhouse" that started last year, has proved to be very promising. 

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