DC=DeCent in the media: RTL Z broadcast - Local Sustainability in Haarlemmermeer

28 October 2013


On chanel RTL Z, the informative program Local Sustainable was broadcasted in the week of 28 October to 2 November on the subject sustainable and innovative projects in the Municipality of Haarlemmermeer, presented by John Nederstigt, alderman Sustainability Haarlemmermeer.

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Realizing the Promise of DC Technology Conference in Prague

7 October 2013


In the beautiful and historic city of Prague, on October 4-5, 2013, Nupharo Park, Business of Humanity, and the University of Pittsburgh held the First International Conference 'Realizing the Potential of DC Technology' focussing on “Energizing” Low-Income Communities. 

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Vote for DC=DECENT entry no.59 at the P-Nuts Awards 2013!

25 March 2013


We have entered the P-Nuts Award 2013: "Leaders in sustainable energy" competition with our ongoing project DC=DECENT.  In this competition we would like to highlight the FOUNDATION of sustainable energy, especially the importance of a DC infrastructure in our society.

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DC installations and energy distribution: a new paradigm

7 March 2013


In the generation, storage and use of electrical energy, the share of direct current applications (DC) increases sharply. Initiatives to use DC power distribution systems  and DC installations for these DC applications is starting to take shape. One of the projects in this context is a "Green Deal" initiative, namely the test project "DC Haarlemmermeer," set up by a few corporate companies with the support of the government.

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Breakthrough for DC in the greenhouse

24 October 2012


Direct Current BV, a company which develops innovative solutions for the sustainable energy market, researched for the past 2 years on the possibilities of using DC for assimilation lighting in the greenhouse.

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Minister Verhagen signs Green Deal for DC grid project DC=DeCent

14 June 2012


In The Bread Factory in Rijswijk today, Minister Verhagen and State Secretary Atsma (of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture, and Innovation) put their signatures under the new Green Deal with Direct Current BV, Siemens and Joulz. With the Green Deal, the Government supports in terms of legislation the initiative of the three partnered companies, who jointly started this project named DC=Decent in order to build a test area for sustainable energy with DC in a horticultural area near Schiphol.

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Prince Carlos of Spain kicks off Green Village TU Delft

31 May 2012


On Thursday, June the 7th, His Royal Highness Prince Carlos de Bourbon de Parme and university TU Delft board chairman Dirk Jan van den Berg kicked off the launch of the building of a sustainable shipping container village on the campus of the TU Delft.

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AC vs DC Day in Elektro Vakbeurs 2011 in Hardenberg

8 December 2011


“AC versus DC”

TESLA vs Edison, or in technical jargon, alternating current (AC) vs direct current (DC).

The preservation of raw materials in our world is unstoppable. Scarcity of raw materials will force us to put everything in the development of sustainable electric power generation, transportation and use of energy.

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Minister Verhagen appoints DC=DeCent one of the 9 smart grids

5 December 2011


Verhagen Minister of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation has appointed nine places in the Netherlands where electricity smart grids will be built. One of these places is Haarlemmermeer, at PrimAviera, where Direct Current BV will develop and implement a medium-voltage and low voltage DC network.

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Master Class Direct Current at AIM

9 November 2011


Amsterdam Innovation Motor (AIM) and the District of Haarlemmermeer is teaming up with the Direct Current Foundation to organize a Direct Current (DC) Master Class. This master class will be held on November 9 from 15:30 to 17:30 hrs at the Business Platform.

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