Final Congress Innovation Program for Intelligent Networks (IPIN)

24 September 2015


On 24 September, the Dutch Enterprise Agency ( organized the Final Congress Innovation Program for Intelligent (Electricity) Networks (IPIN) 'Lessons learned' in collaboration with participants from the pilot projects. DC=DeCent, an experimental greenhouse in horticulture in the Bouvardia Kwekerij Vreeken in Rijsenhout, a pilot project by Direct Current BV in collaboration with, among others, the DC Foundation, Siemens, Joulz, Kema and SGN, stood out as the only project on DC (direct current).

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Savings with DC lighting and infrastructure

January 16, 2015


The development process and testing at Vreeken Floriculture BV have yielded three important results in the project 'DC and sustainability go together in greenhouses' (ed. also called "DC in the Greenhouse"), carried out by the DC Foundation in collaboration with Direct Current BV.

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First DC smart grid in business park in use

22 October 2014


On Tuesday, October 21, the new public lighting powered by DC has been taken into use on a festive opening on the industrial park De Liede in Vijfhuizen. The commissioner Afvalzorg has a scoop with project; this is the first modern and sustainable DC smart grid in the Netherlands that is installed on an industrial park. The DC smart grid has been developed by Direct Current BV in cooperation with CityTec.

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Scoop first DC smart grid in center of Musselkanaal in Stadskanaal

21 November 2014


On Thursday, November 20th, the municipality Stadskanaal has taken the new public lighting in use officially. With this, Stadskanaal has a scoop to be the first municipality with a DC smart grid in the center of the residential area of the city Musselkanaal. The DC smart grid has been developed by Direct Current BV and the public lighting has been constructed by CityTec in cooperation with ELEQ, Joulz, Lightwell and Luminext.

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Publication of 'Groot Gelijk: De Toekomst van Gelijkspanning in Nederland'

(Translation: "Quite right: the future of DC in the Netherlands")


Current insights lead to book on DC

DC. Until recently, an almost forgotten word in energy. But DC is becoming increasingly topical, for example in energy transportation more HVDC connections are upcoming and also USB connectors for small users, and sustainable generation of solar electricity. Moreover, new technical developments lead to more and more electronics in the energy grid. Electronics simply work on DC.

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DC Smart Grids in South Africa

8 July 2014


On July 8, Harry Stokman of Direct Current BV signs the letter of intent for the new DC smart grid project in Cape Town with the involved parties Joulz BV, Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT), the Sustainability Institute at the University of Stellenbosch Foundation, the Dutch DC Foundation and The Hague University. They will collaborate to develop and realize a smart grid on DC in the Townships of Cape Town. Minister Ploumen of the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Development of the Netherlands and Deputy Mayor Ian Nielson of Cape Town were present at the signing ceremony.

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The first DC smart grid for public lighting

23 May 2014


The pilot projects for the first DC smart grid for public lighting in the Netherlands, and worldwide, have been launched. In cooperation with CityTec who realizes these pilot project, Direct Current Ltd has developed DC drivers for LED lighting and the public lighting system together with a smart DC system that makes a DC grid possible. This is a full DC grid that connects DC lampposts to a DC smart grid working entirely on DC.

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DC smart grid at home becomes reality

14 May 2014


The second prototype of renovated homes of the project the "Stroomversnelling", which translates to "Rapids", has been delivered in Soesterberg, and received a lot of interest. This is the first prototype in which Direct Current Ltd installed a centralized DC system. This DC system makes a DC smart grid possible. With this prototype we have achieved a real scoop : a DC smart grid at home becomes a reality!

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DC Congres 2014 brings DC a level higher

30 January 2014


The first DC Congress on January 30, 2014 at TU Delft was very well received and as a result this lifts DC, the theme of the conference, to a higer level in which DC will play an important role in the future. The Congress "AC/DC: A matter of taste?" was organized by Direct Current b.v., Joulz, Siemens, Philips, TU Delft and Cigré . 

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Harry Stokman, CEO Direct Current BV, at the DC Technology Conference in Prague

16 December 2013


On October 4th, 2013, at the "Realizing the Promise of DC Technology Conference: Energizing Low-Income Communities" in Prague, in Czech, Harry Stokman, CEO Direct Current BV, tells about the significance of Nupharo Technology Park for DC technology now and in the future.

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