Direct Current BV runner-up NENnovation Award 2017

October 13, 2017
This year the NENnovation Award 2017 has been presented for the first time. NEN does this during the celebration of World Standards Day on 13 October 2017 in The Hague.
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IEC Conference in world's first DC utility building

September 12, 2017


The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) held a conference on 11 September in the Circl Pavilion of ABN AMRO Bank Amsterdam on the Zuidas of Amsterdam. The IEC members from all over the world, experts in the field of DC standardization, met for the SyC LVDC Amsterdam conference on DC. This was a great opportunity to introduce the world's first of a complete smart dc system in a utility building to a worldwide audience.
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The Circl of ABN AMRO shows boldness in DC and circularity

September 5, 2017


ABN AMRO and BAM show boldness by giving Direct Current BV the opportunity to realize an electrical installation on DC (direct current) in the new ABN AMRO building 'Circl' at the Gustav Mahlerplein in Amsterdam. This is a world first combined with the introduction of an innovative circular economy concept of recycling used materials in the building. On September 5, the Circl is officially opened.

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Runner-up Environment Award of the European Commission

October 27, 2016 

Direct Current BV has been awarded the runner-up of the 2016-2017 European Business Awards for the Environment (EBAE). The placement in the finals for the environmental award by the European Commission, has put Direct Current BV, and the Netherlands as well, in the spotlight internationally, in the field of sustainable innovation.

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Direct Current BV winner Green Deal Award 2016

Aalsmeer, April 14, 2016

Direct Current BV has won the Green Deal Award 2016 of the Enterprise Agency of the Dutch government for bringing about a transition in the field of DC. 

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DC in utility building becomes reality

March 22, 2016


Direct Current BV has started with the engineering and realization of DC nets in utility building. Examples include the Pulse building at the Delft University of Technology designed by Valstar Simonis and the ABN AMRO Pavilion at the South Axis in Amsterdam.

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Direct Current BV in Top 12 for the King William I Plaque

Top 12 King William I Plaque for Sustainable Entrepreneurship in 2016 announced

The Hague, March 15, 2016


The Top 12 for the King William I Plaque for Sustainable Entrepreneurship in 2016 is announced. From the large amount of sustainable and innovative entries, the jury, led by Anne-Marie Rakhorst, 12 companies were selected to be the Top 12.

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Start of research in introduction of DC technology

January 5, 2016 - Press release of 


Modern energy supply at home whenever I want.

The sustainability of the built environment gets, after the Paris Agreement, more and more attention. "Enabling technologies" is an important part in this sustainability battle. A new development is the application of DC voltage technology in homes.

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Opening event demo-project DOE DC well attended  

4 November 2015 


The DOE DC opening event on 2 November in Rijsenhout was well attended. The start of the project was formally presented by the handing over of a beautiful bouquet of Bouvardias by entrepreneur Jaap Vreeken from the Vreeken Bouvardia demo greenhouse to Haarlemmermeer alderman John Nederstigt. 

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Luminext exclusive distributor of Smart Public DC Lightings

PRESS RELEASE - Luminext BV, October 7, 2015


Luminext BV has signed today an agreement with Direct Current BV for exclusive distribution of DC products for smart public lighting.
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