About Harry Stokman

The driving force behind Direct Current


"It is my belief that DC is the fundament of a sustainable energy transition. For this cause I devote myself, business wise, privately, and socially to achieve this goal."


Harry Stokman is European leading expert on DC and has been active as an entrepreneur in the DC market for more than 30 years. With his team of developers, he has developed and realized a smart DC system for a safe, reliable and sustainable energy grid on direct current.


Due to his great commitment, years of experience, and knowledge, he plays a leading role in many innovations in the Netherlands and abroad. He is also active in the standardization of direct current in the NEN and in the International Electrotechnical Committee (IEC). The practical guidelines NPR9090 originated in 2018 from his NEN1010 DC Standards Workgroup (NEC64). For his significant contribution to standardization, he received the IEC 1906 Award in 2018.


Harry Stokman puts a lot of energy into society and education to promote DC. He regularly gives guest lectures at colleges and universities. He participates in developing study programs in Electrical Engineering for universities. The door is open in his company for students for an internship or graduation thesis subject. Politically, he is nationally active in a working group on energy infrastructure.


A notorious characteristic of him is his dyslexia. But he is often forgiven for this because of his inspiring enthusiasm.


His background knowledge is power electronics, specializing in high currents.


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Download Curriculum Vitae Harry Stokman (new update v.2019-05_en)

Visit Harry's Linkedin profile for his most recent and extensive listing of activities: Harry Stokman | LinkedIn



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