Covid-19 protocol

In DC Systems, Hellas Rectifiers and Direct Current BV


Basic Principle

  1. We fully respect the government’s decisions to prevent unnecessary contact and by doing so
    reduce the speed by which the virus is spreading.



  1. Prevent close contact with others, work at home as much as possible.
  2. In case of having underlying medical issues, also in case working at home would not be possible, such employee is required to stay at home and isolate him/herself as long as such is recommended by the authorities.
  3. For those employees working in the company:

a. Try to work isolated from your colleagues. Find another room or make sure that you have at least 15 m2 of space which is not to be entered by co-workers.

b. Make sure hands are washed every 30 minutes and after every bathroom visit.

c. Make sure you maintain a 3-meter distance from any co worker.

4. Non-employees are not allowed to enter the premises. Goods supplied are to be placed by the supplier in the area with the automatic door. Goods are to be left untouched for 24 hours before opening. We do not sign for receipt. We can provide a document as proof of receipt.


External jobs

  1. Only external support on projects that are deemed essential as defined by the authorities.
  2. No direct contacts allowed with customers, suppliers etc.
  3. Customers cooperating with us on projects that are under pressure because of payments that are placed on hold have to accept that a crisis is going on.
  4. Support will be given as much as possible through remote access.